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As a business owner, you know how important your employees are to company success. Employees that have been with the company for years, work hard, and hold high-level positions are some of the most valued.

To retain and reward key players, many companies will invest in supplemental retirement planning to ensure that valued employees are comfortable in their old age. These plans tend to exceed the coverage provided by other retirement plans. Ensure you have the best supplemental retirement plans by choosing ICC Benefits Management and Insurance Ltd. as your trusted local brokerage.

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Understanding Your Employee Retirement Savings

While there are many supplemental retirement options available, most companies choose a cash-value life insurance plan. The employer funds the program by buying the insurance policy and paying the premiums. The company has access to its cash value.

Upon retirement, the insurance policy pays the employee’s supplemental income. Once the employee receives the income, it becomes a taxable benefit. At that time, the employer gets a tax deduction. The funding method benefits both parties.

Benefits for Companies

When companies seek to maximize their crucial employee retirement benefits, supplemental retirement plans can be good choices as the company benefits financially from its investment. When the benefits are paid, the company deducts them as an expense. When a life insurance policy is used to fund the retirement plan, the company benefits from tax-deferred accumulation within the system.

Retirement Benefits for Employees

Employees can tailor the supplemental retirement plan to meet their specific requirements. The benefits accumulate without being immediately taxable. Most policies will also include a death benefit that can be provided to the employee’s beneficiaries in the case of their premature death.

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